President Steven Hodgson

Steve Hodgson

Steve has been in the Internet web development business for over 40 years. He has seen the Internet grow and expand and understands the core basics of what works and what just looks cute or fancy. Steve also has a degree in Marketing…but does not rely on the book smarts to run his company. Steve was born in Greenwich Village, in the heart of NYC. He learned a lot from the streets and just life in general. This is why a long time ago he named the company Street Smart. This knowledge has successfully carried him on for over 4 decades!

Executive Vice President Jennifer Hodgson

Jennifer Hodgson
Vice President - Social Media Manager

Jennifer has been with Street Smart (and Steve) for close to 15 years. She has worn many hats here but she studied, read all she could and created a highly effective Social Media platform for our clients. Tried and proven techniques along with that ‘Street Smart’ knowledge has brought companies to us internationally and it continues to grow. You allow us to do your Social Marketing and watch the visibility and effectiveness of your campaigns grow.

Vinny C.

Vinny Carmaggio
Senior Programmer - Department Head

Not every website is just cut and dry graphic design and placement. Where there is a lot of things many do not know about having a website, many need some professional, personalized programs for their web sites. Having known Steve for over 30 years, Vinny and his team of programmers can tackle every situation thrown at them. They do not just program, they ensure the programming is secure and safe for people to use. They have designed programs for funeral homes, Stock companies, City and Town municipalities throughout the U.S. Car lots who want their own identity not some super site’s website come to us as we developed a program to upload your cars and descriptions immediately and mark them sold the moment payment is made. Call us and let us know what you are needing and let Vinny and his team create the premier programming solution.

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