“You’re not on the web?” You would be surprised how many new clients tell us this. They hear this, not from us but from their own customers. It makes them begin to realize how many other new clients they may have missed by not being on the World Wide Web.

Here are 3 indisputable facts that cannot be ignored or dismissed:

  1.  You HAVE to be on-line. Period. Everyone expects you to be. Mostly all of your competition is already on-line, and the rest will be soon! It’s the 21st Century. If you’re not online, you’re missing out on a major avenue of business.
  2. You HAVE to have a company who understands how to create an impressive website. Someone who understands how the Internet works and tailors your site to your business needs.
  3. You HAVE to have a company who knows how to assist you in properly marketing your site.

Over the past few years, we have had people, posing as new clients coming to us, asking for information on how to get website exposure. They already have a site (which they conveniently do not mention) and get no business off of it. This is never the case with Street Smart customers! Eventually they tell us that THEIR web design company had them call us to answer why no one is coming to their website and what they need to do to change it. Surprising? Not really to us.

Today everyone is jumping to the “free” website services out there. There are many! Now we are not saying they are all bad, but you need to customize your website for your business. You do not want it looking like your competitor’s website. These free websites are being designed by a 13 year old. “Just drop and click.”

At Street Smart we focus on marketing. Many companies sometimes save a few dollars but miss the entire web design picture. There is more than throwing a few items on a page and calling it a website! You need professionals. Professionals who continue their education on design. Who know about business and know how to focus on yours to reach the goals you set out in the beginning of the design process.

At Street Smart we are committed to providing low-cost, high quality web designs! We use expert graphic designers and programmers to develop your ideas to make a lasting impression on the Internet. One of the most important benefits of choosing Street Smart is that you own your website and you will not have to pay a monthly charge for development.

ADA Compatibility! The new buzz words in our industry. Very important these days as there are lawyers who do nothing but sue companies if their websites are NOT compliant. We work very closely with our new designs to ensure compatibility. 

At Street Smart we do not have any hidden charges. We do not charge you to do work by the hour. We do not entice you with ridiculously low or free pricing and then you get a bill for 2-3 thousand dollars. I have seen it too often. So-called companies who do not know how to create a website. Use some cheap template (so your site looks like 350,000 others) and have not a clue on how to make your website effective. We have competitors who have THEIR clients contact us to find out why the website THEY developed does not work. See we are business and marketing consultants, not just web designers! Yes, we charge extra if you are requiring a shopping cart or custom database. We have programmers, who work for major U.S. corporate companies working for us who design your database from scratch and securely – not a cheap program!

We offer secure, professional hosting for your website. Professional Business Email systems to reduce spam! We use the leading hosting companies (located here in the U.S.) to host our servers so we get immediate 24/7 fanatical customer support service and uptime. What is uptime? The time your website can be seen and found on the web. Use a cheap hosting company and deal with downtime. Our company is the leader in keeping your website securely viewed on the web – hands down! 

Call us today and find out why more and more people are turning to the company, who has been in business a long time, is secure and knows you by name and not a number! A company who has ONLY been doing websites for that long (not just a recently added service).

When you are a client you are
a part of the Street Smart family!!

Remember Street Smart Incorporated is a Family owned and operated business!
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