At Street Smart we make every effort to give you a brand new website as quickly as we can. Sometimes it takes a few weeks as we have to get all of the information we need to give you the website you requested.

Who Maintains the website ?

There are 2 ways we can do this. The first (and preferable) is that Street Smart maintains the website. You send us what you want updated and it is done – usually within a few minutes to an hour. Second we can design a CMS.

Are there hidden costs ?

There are never any hidden costs. Street Smart is straight up front about all of our costs. When we state a price to design, THAT is the price unless YOU ask for something additional. Sometimes Street Smart will even add a few extras if we feel there is a need and we already gave you a quote.

Are your websites ADA Compliant ?

The rules changed on ADA Compliancy. Street Smart now has a solution in sight and every new website we design as best as we can to be ADA Compliant. There are tools inserted in the website (look to the right) for people with disabilities to view the pages in larger print and different backgrounds.

Do you design Custom Programming ?

Street Smart has a very talented team of professionals that creates our programming. This staff works on projects internationally. As you know programming can be pricey but we work to keep the cost down and to give the client a safe, working and user friendly environment. Do not fear programming, embrace it as it helps your site.

What about social marketing?

We have a team of people who do this and only this for our clients. Their attention is 100% on Social Media marketing. They will work closely with you to help acheive your needs. With your input we can have people knowing all about your business in no time.

HOw do you help us be found on Google ?

I always say, you can build Rome but if no one knows it is there, no one will come! We will submit your website to Google. Our SEO staff will go over your pages to optimize them for indexing on the search engines. We also use Google Analytics and other available helpers to make sure you get found. We can also assist you with Google AdWords campaigns which are super effective.

What about emails?

Our hosting at Street Smart also utilizes a Premium Business Email System. This allows increased productivity as you no longer need to maintain an email server. Access your email from anywhere through mobile, webmail, and mail clients, allowing them to be even more productive. Many basic features start at just $1 a month per email address.

Can we add a newsletter or blog to our website ?

The answer is a resounding yes! In fact the more interaction between you and your clients will produce continued awareness of your company and help increase business and loyalty.

Will I know how many people visit my website?

If you use our hosting, we can provide you with a detailed record of how many visits are made each day to your website, how many pages they click on, where they came from, etc. All at no cost!

Have Questions?
We Have Answers!


Don’t wait to remember to call us and ask those important questions. Remember as the saying goes, there are no stupid questions except the ones you do not ask!

Our staff will help explain to you the process and get you going with your new or newly designed website in no time!…..

But you have to call!  (812) 591-2570 or (877) 363-0748

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