Street Smart Inc. has been open and serving the public for over 35+ years now, though not until 1995 did we begin offering the website design and graphics engineering aspects “in house” for our clients.

Street Smart Inc. adjusted with the rapidly growing phases of the World Wide Web, originally having just a small office in Connecticut, Street Smart has expanded its operations to a national presence. With offices throughout the United States, we have made it easy and affordable to get you the recognition you deserve on the web.

We only hire the most qualified staff in a specific chosen field so that our clients know they are receiving the best available advice at all times.

We have experienced staff available who have previously worked for fortune 500 companies, as well as our talented Graphic Artists who have won many awards for designs and creations. 

Times change and technology changes rapidly. Almost everywhere you look someone is using some type of mobile technology. How will YOUR website look when you bring it up on a cell phone or tablet? Probably not as you thought it would. I hear this from our own clients who have not redesigned their websites in a long time.

Now do not get us started on these “Free Websites” you see offered on TV. It really disturbs us here at Street Smart that they will try to rope people in with this “free” offer which will end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run. PLUS, your website will look like thousands of others since their websites are template driven. Do you want your website to look just like your competitor?

Our clients describe Street Smart Inc. with phrases like “knowledgeable consultants”, “outstanding customer service”, “affordable pricing”, “quality web pages”, and “friendly staff”. We believe that client approval is what makes a company such as ours considered an industry leader. With our reputation in the business, we have nationwide clients covering states from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, California, Arizona, Missouri, Wisconsin, Texas, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

At Street Smart Inc., we CARE about your business as if it were our own. We take personal interest to see that your business is performing at its maximum potential. After your site is completed and posted, we continue to work with you at the same frantic pace as when we began your project to utilize every possible resource available to us to ensure you are ALWAYS receiving the latest technology and information.

Here is one more thing…we work with you to market your website. We know more than just designing. We have even had our competitors have their clients call us asking what needs to be done to properly market their website. Remember many young teens can design something for you, but how do you optimize your website, get it listed and linked, have it become an effective part of your business? Today you need effective Social Marketing and that is what Street Smart has placed in our services.

The answer is simple…Do It The Street Smart Way! Trust the professionals from the get go!

Remember, if you are not happy then neither are we, as our company and staffs’ reputation rest upon YOUR satisfaction!

two men shaking hands

From the first hand shake, you will rest assured that you have chosen the right company for your website. Even by telephone we will get all of the information we will need to build you a quality, professional and affordable website.

Workers sitting around table discussing
  1. Upon signing of contract we will begin…
  2. Discuss the objectives of your website and the best way to accomplish them on the Internet.
  3. Brainstorm ideas for the most effective design.
  4. Work together to ensure your website is prepared quickly and with high quality.
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